Sunday, October 14, 2012


So this past saturday (the 13th) My friends and I gathered at J's house with 4 lbs of bacon, 5 tomatoes, 1 head of lettuce, and 8 onion rolls.

yes, 4 POUNDS of BACON.  you heard me properly.

so what did we do?  MAKE BACON (and blt's).  but most of the bacon was eaten without being made into BLT's.  They also made candied bacon (i heard) but i was bacon'd out (that was into the 3rd lb) so i didn't try any.  we have part of a pound or a pound left in her fridge/freezer for next week.  or tuesday.

Thats the only photo I took.

We baked the bacon at 400* for 12-15 minutes, depending on who was baking and how stiff they wanted their bacon.  J likes her bacon semi floppy, Z likes his stiff but not burnt.

Thankfully, noone wanted it raw.  ;)

Then we sliced the compliments, and the onion rolls, and put the onion rolls in a frying pan with some oil and toasted them NOM!

They were really good.

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