Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nerd Cupcakes

So my mom bought my sister Nerds (pink and purple) because it was her turn for the snack at worship center (sunday school).  There were some leftover and they were given to me.  Sunday night in church the idea of white cupcakes with Nerds in them and nerdy frosting on top topped with nerds (NERDS!!!!!) came to my mind and I wrote it down.

I knew I had a white cake mix that needed to be used, so I took the easy way out and made the cake mix.  I used muffin tins with cupcake liners in them for easy clean up, plus the cupcakes are being sold (most of them, anyway) so the liners made sense.

First you make your cake mix.

Then you empty your Nerds into a small bowl.

Spoon half of them into the batter.

Run the mixer for 2 seconds to get them incorporated.

Spoon cupcake mix into tins.  It filled 23 of them 1/2 full for me, I probably should have added a bit more so they were to the tops of the liners.  O well.

Put in oven as directed on box.  I actually had to take them out and move the rack down as it was too close to the broiler.

Get some buttercream frosting (out of a jar, or make your own) and add more nerds.  Keep some nerds reserved for the top if you wish.  Stir nerds in completely.

Add nerds and frosting to a ziplock bag.  Now comes the hard part - waiting for the cupcakes to cool allllll the way.  It didn't take too long, and I started making cookies during it :D

Frost the cupcakes and put nerds on top.  In the middle picture you can see my sister A helping by putting the Nerds on top.  It was fun to have her help :D

I had to try one.  All the nerds sunk to the bottom of the batter in the liners, but it was still good :D  I ran out of frosting on the last two cupcakes, so thats why this one is a little weird and the last one didn't have frosting.  Its ok tho....It'll still get eaten.  They were really delicious :D

Packed up for the cookie walk at church Saturday morning :D  Hope they sell well!

Nerds cupcakes with Nerdy frosting.

7 boxes of nerds (or more, all I had was 7)
1 box white cake mix
1 jar buttercream frosting
cupcake liners
ziploc baggie

Mix the white cake mix as directed, adding half of the nerds once all mixed up and spooning into cupcake liners.  Bake according to the box.

Take buttercream frosting and add more nerds. Reserve some nerds for the top if you wish.  Wait for cupcakes to cool completely.  Put frosting in a bag and snip the end.  Frost cupcakes.  Add nerds to the top.


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