Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Scholarship Entry

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There are quite a few issues that are important in the upcoming 2012 presidential election. Jobs, congress, censorship, Health care, Education, and gun control are just a few. The single most important political issue in the upcoming 57th presidential election to me is the job market. There are far too many Americans that are unemployed or underemployed. Approximately 25% of Americans are unemployed. There are 312,615,000 people in America (as of Nov16, 2011) and a quarter of 312,615,000 is 78,153,750. 78 million people in America don't have a job and that is way too many people unemployed. I am one of them, and I chose to go back to school instead of continuing the job hunt; I was getting too discouraged.

How I would fix the job market would be to pull all manufacturing BACK from China, India and Asia in general. Our workers need jobs, and they should be able to get jobs here in America. We should make our own products by starting simple. Start with cosmetics or textiles. We already make automobiles, so we need to start making those better than the imports from Asia. By making more jobs available in the United States of America, making American products, there will be more jobs here, making money so that we can buy American made products and the movement will keep going (the “Buy American” movement). After we have good textiles and cosmetics being made here, we can go on and build more manufacturing plants to make other items – furniture, toys, books, food, etc. American made toys would be much better quality than china-made toys...which can be found with lead in them.

This solution benefits the majority of Americans because it gives them work and it gives them expendable income. When people have an income, they can go out and buy things they need with out relying on the government for a handout. It will not only save the government money in the long run by not having to pay cash benefits to people every month for the rest of their life, but it will boost the morale of the American people to see that they are making their own money and the money the government was giving them will go for other things, such as infrastructure (roads, bridges, buildings).

In conclusion, using American money to bring back manufacturing plants to make American-made products that American's can buy will bring more jobs back here so that American workers can have expendable income and buy more American made products. That is what I think the most important issue in the presidential election is for 2012 is the job market and that’s how I would fix the job market in America right now.


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photos from google images

American population grabbed from wikipedia
Unemployment rate figured out by my friends and I, the googled unemployment rate for October 2011 is 9%, but that only includes people on unemployment, so we had to figure in the other unemployed, that either have run out of unemployment or never qualified in the first place (such as yours truly!).

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