Saturday, July 23, 2011


Friday night I made tacos.  They were yummy.

First you thaw/brown ground beef.  Do it in a stock pot cuz the rest of your pans are in the dishwasher and it won't be done for another hour and a half.  *sigh*  I need some better (more) pans.  Taking donations :D

Cut up a tomato, put it in a bowl.  sneak some, its yummy :D  Too bad I don't have room to grow my own :(

Core lettuce and peel off layers, making them into small pieces, shredding if desired.

Take a tortilla and put meat on it, cover with cheese, add lettuce and tomato's and roll it up. 

I tried to make Indian Frybread, but failed miserably.  I set the fire alarm off and melted a plastic flipper before realizing that I should be using metal tongs.

So there are pictures, but they're of failure, so I'm not going to be posting them.  Sorry, but no pictures of failure on here (yet).

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