Tuesday, February 15, 2011

grocery shopping

i'm still alive

haven't been cooking; been busy with class

but on the menu this week is clinicals and white chicken chili. i just need some salsa...theres some in the house, but its HOT and i like medium/mild :P

but i'm thawing chicken broth i had frozen for this...and i bought the beans, and i bought chicken (it was on sale; i had to rearrange the freezer).

but i went grocery shopping on monday. it was fun; if you can call it fun :P i keep my grocery list on my computer, and i delete the items as i buy them. works well, and it saves paper! w00t for being green. i'm sure some people wonder why theres a mini computer in my cart, (its one of those netbooks) but as i shopped after 9, noone stopped me, and (obviously) noone stole the computer :D

but i got over 80$ of groceries for sixty-some dollars. not bad...only meat in there is frozen chicken. i buy store brand (meijer!!!) or on sale only.

tomorrow or weds i'm going to aldi and getting the rest of my stuff...hopefully they'll have it all, they should. :D

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