Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Potato Chips

Yes, homemade potato chips.  Not that hard, actually.  Thanks to daxphillips, over at simple comfort food for this recipe.  I of course, found daxphillips, and simplecomfortfood via tasty kitchen.  So much yummy food!

I went to a food give away (fresh produce) and they gave me 2 bags of potatos, 5 lbs of carrots (and not baby either!), bananas, and a bag of onions.  YUM!  So I decided to make good use of the potatoes, and start making yummy potato food!  Hence daxphillips' potato chips.

Start out washing and drying potatos.  I didnt have 3 good sized russet potatoes, so I used many smaller ones.  I sliced them thinly, like I was told. I got some cute stacks of potatoes.

Let sit in a bowl (stock pot, in my case) of cold water for 20-30 minutes.

Lay them out on a paper towel, pat dry.

Put in a bowl

Add Herbes de Provence

You're supposed to cook garlic in the oil, but I don't have "real" garlic, I have jarred garlic.  So I put 1/4 tsp of the garlic liquid in with the potatoes.

Put lid on bowl and shake to evenly coat.

Start laying the potato slices on cookie sheets sprayed with PAM.  Next time I will use aluminum foil on the cookie sheets first.  And yes there will be a next time :)

Both trays are full.  :)  I then licked my hands, they tasted good!

After 18 minutes in a 400*F oven they were whistling and they were done.  they were hot (duh) but they were GOOD!

They lasted ABOUT 15-20 minutes...and now they're gone.  I want more, but even tho it didn't take long to make, the cutting and cleaning of the chips took longer than the actual seasoning and the cooking in the oven.  Sad. :(

2 tbsp olive oil
2 cloves of garlic, smashed
Potatos, skin on, thinly sliced
Large Bowl of cold water
1 1/2 tbsp Herbs de Provence
1 tsp salt
Cooking Spray
Make sure you thinly slice your potatoes. Once all of your potatoes are sliced, add them to the cold water, making sure they are all submerged. Let them sit in the water for about 20 minutes. Drain, and place them on a large towel, making sure you pat them dry.
Add the potatoes to a large bowl, adding in the oil, garlic, salt, and herbes de provence. Toss the potatoes making sure you evenly coat them with the seasonings.
Spray a large sheet tray with cooking oil. Add the sliced potatoes to the sheet making sure not to overlap or crowd. Place in the preheated oven and cook until a nice golden brown, being careful not to overcook them as they will get bitter. cook 15-25minutes.

We had this along with BBQ chicken with pineapple.  It was in the crock pot all day.  Smelled AMAZING!  It was a big spicy, thanks to using spicy BBQ sauce, but its not something I'll be using in the future.  TJ enjoyed it tho, he also added Spicy Ranch, and two types of hot sauce.  Guess it wasn't spicy enough :/

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