Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pi day

Taco pie went over VERY well :) D said it was as good as Bubble up Pizza...so i know what i can make more - both of those :)

I do want to do chicken enchiladas this week...means i need to go grocery shopping i think. I'm trying to put it off as LONG as i can...make do with what i have :)

cuz i have lots of food...TJ said that when he was trying to find space in our cupboard for his food - apparently it can't touch mine? i dunno. o well...it doesn't *really* bother me, just kinda/sorta.

My computer is in for repairs lately (to C, my housemate), he's installing new operating systems on it...Windows 7 Starter was too slow and i couldn't customize it as well as i wanted. right now i have vista, but theres ubuntu on the bedside table thats supposed to go on here if it works...dunno for now...i owe him...big time. he decided payment would be backrubs, cuz i'm amazing at them (so i am told...doesn't help me when my back is messed up :P) he spent over 12 hours on it yesterday, and more hours to be spent today...i'm spending that time away from the computer reading...i finished karen kingsbury's "unlocked" and started and finished "nightlight" (twilight parody) and "crossing oceans" which made me CRY!. i also started the dave ramsey book for financial peace. i honestly don't know what it'll feel like to be debt free...its scary thought, but when I get a job...i'll work on it!

wow...i rambled. anyway...i dunno whats for dinner yet, but it'll either be left over almost stuffed peppers or taco pie or something easy like a boxed meal :P

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