Thursday, January 27, 2011


The thick-n-hearty chicken soup DIDN'T feed 6 fed me and TJ. D was sick all day, he ate some soup I set out (chicken noodle) before I left for work - I put it out for him so he could find was mine; didn't want him rummaging through my food supplies (hey...I like it organized). TJ asked for more "kick" in it next time, and a bit thinner. I must confess, I thought it wasn't thickening quick enough, so I added more flour :P oops. it (obviously) finally did thicken up.

Tonight I made food for just me...TJ ate leftover drip beef (see recipe from earlier this week) that we had at my folks' place on Sunday.

I made some quick rice and put butter, sugar and cinnamon on it...YUM!!!!! I'll have to go back for seconds :)

Still looking through crock-pot recipes, seeing what ingredients I have here to use, and what will have to wait till next month (the 12th) when I get to go food shopping again :D

TJ bought the meat (chicken legs) for tomorrow's dinner - he works at 5, so I have to have the food ready before then, so he can eat before work; he doesn't get off till like 2am, and doesn't have a chance to eat at work, so if I don't feed him, he gets hungry :(

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