Sunday, January 1, 2012

Family Vacation

My family.  This is where I get it.

Been spending lots of time with my family these past few days.

Part of my family on the way to the dunes

Christmas day my relatives in California flew in to Michigan.  On Wednesday we all went on vacation together.  We leave on Monday. 

Crossing the river on a log.  Good exercise in trust/fear :)

We've been hanging out, sledding down sand dunes, taking family photos, and talking.  I haven't seen some of the family in 4-5 years.  Its been good to hang out with them, catch up, etc.

climbing a dune

I've been busy eating and taking pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures. 

Sand Sledding

You'll see some in this post.  :)

Looking south along the lakeshore 

Sand dunes

Waves on the shore of Lake Michigan

Cool looking branch

Cousin Jake with a sled by the waters edge

Water droplet on a branch in the woods

logs and branches we crossed the first time

The last hill Jake slid down; it dropped off right into the creek.

Had a wonderful week/end.  We leave Weds morning.  I have more photos.  But my camera is dead and I need the battery charger.

It did snow.  Jake is excited about that.  We might go sledding tomorrow before we leave, but we'll see.  Otherwise we'll go after we get back to Grand Rapids.

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