Friday, June 10, 2011


So the boyfriend (TJ) had me buy Porkchops the other night...i don't really care for porkchops, but he had me buy two, stick one in the freezer, one in the fridge so i had to find something to do with them!

Internet was down, so i headed to my recipe books (only have a few of them, really) and pulled out "cooking healthy with a man in mind", went to the back, found "pork" and read the recipes.

This one stuck out, so i made it...its only got 4 ingredients, and i only had to spend an additional 55cents to buy the tomato soup...

4 4 ounce pork tenderloins (i had three, so i used them)
1 can health request tomato soup (i used the condensed store brand kind...hey! i'm cheap!)
1 cup chunky salsa (used medium, that was TJ's request)
1 tsp dried parsley flakes (i just shook some over it, it tasted fine)

spray large skillet with cooking spray, or use olive oil like i did, brown meat on both sides. In a bowl, combine other ingredients, stir. Pour over pork, cover, simmer for 20-25 minutes. Place 1 piece of meat on plate, spoon sauce over the top.

Its really really good; i'll do it again sometime :)

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