Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Its not a die-it, its a live it! yes...i'm gonna change the way i eat, take almost daily walks (i forgot today...oops) and try to lose 25 lbs...

I'm at 190 right now...I don't have *much* food in the house...so i'm making due for now, but when my food stamps come in, i'm going to be buying healthier - more fruits and veggies, reduced-fat food, the healthier versions of what i normally get.

I'm trying to make healthier choices, but its hard!!!! i'll be chronicalling my journey on facebook and here...

i'm starting out at 190 lbs...I'm 5'7" white female, so i've got a buldge in the middle there...:(

I'm gonna start cooking healthier - not ALL salads and veggie food tho..i'm gonna learn how to cook meat in a healthy way...i can't give it up!

If you have encouragement, if you have suggestions, please, either leave them here, facebook me, or email them to me :D

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