Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Still just got VERY paid work, but i started volunteering at The Geek Group (TGG) and i'm having fun with that - i volunteer for 4 hours, come home exhausted, hang out, and go to bed, do the same thing over the next day :) been moving heavy stuff, so i've been having muscle aches, i tried my hand at painting, but i failed...i walked in this morning and chris the leader/ceo says "for the next three years you are not allowed to touch a paint brush!" i said "ok" lol

TJ and i are back together; all my friends are happy about that.

because of volunteering i've not had energy/time to cook..but i'm making lasagna again in a few days.

i actually made food, but because its birthday gifts for the boys, i cannot post the recipes yet...they'll find out! so i'll put the recipes up after their birthdays later this month :D

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