Friday, March 11, 2011

spaghetti and pi day

weird combo

but monday is pi day...3.14159 = the mathematical pi, so i'm going to make taco pie for dinner...hey...gotta do something related, right? Mom's making my stressed out mathy sister peanut butter pie...she's in her second semester of college and its ALMOST spring break = STRESSED!!!! go sister(s)! you guys can make it to spring break!!! (i have two sisters in college, E and K. E is the stressed out mathy one, K is the nursing one) So make sure to come back for taco pie recipe :) (its my moms)

but back to last night aka spaghetti. i used a normal stockpot and somehow fit 2 lbs of spaghetti noodles in was didn't break any noodles...yes, it boiled over once, and i had to keep adding water, but it worked. they had to cook a lil longer, but it was alright. TJ and S and their dad T were playing the game wizard. Its a fun game. I was making food, and C was eating cuz he was hungry. Then TJ, C, and T headed off to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University while i stayed home with S. their mom came home later, ate Linksomething else (gluten/wheat free food!) and then headed off to FPU also.

Good night...but i'm ready to sleep in my own bed...

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