Thursday, March 24, 2011

happy birthday - to me!

its my birthday today, march 24, 2011...:D

i'm 24, so its also my golden birthday :D

my parents are taking the family out to haitian food at a local haitian restaurant, chez olga tonight (around 5:30 :) )

and theres a family party on sunday at noon that TJ will be joining me at :D my dad thinks it'll be awkward, i told him its only awkward if you make it as such. and its not awkward.

i know mom got me stuff from ikea, i'm just not sure what...i'm excited. and she gave me a whisk today...i didn't have one...its exciting! i love kitchen stuff. someday i'll get a kitchen-aid mixer...that'll be awesome. i use a hand mixer right now...from the 80s :D it used to be moms, but she has the almighty kitchen-aid mixer right she doesn't need it anymore :)

i'm getting tons of wishes on facebook for "happy birthday" and a few on the car site i follow...i wonder if i'll get any

anyway...time to go watch more "Dead like me" (awesome show, btw) and then sleep.


i'll be back to cooking shortly...i went home for food today, came back with cheesecake from the cheesecake factory in chicago. YUM!!!!! Its a peanut butter/chocolate one...i'm glad they had it :D

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  1. I love the show "Dead Like Me." I was so sad it got cancelled. It's a very interesting concept plus I just really liked George's character.