Tuesday, February 1, 2011

easy dinner night

We are getting a snowpocalypse headed our way here in michigan, with 12-18 inches of snow expected. So i decided on an easy dinner that you could have plenty of leftovers with, not necessarily need to be eaten warm (altho, it is best).

So tonight, we are eating spaghetti and sauce, with mashed potatoes from a box :D

Very easy, you boil noodles for 10-11 minutes, heat up sauce on the stove, and mix the mashed potatoes according to the package :)

dinner was ready in about 15 minutes...so very easy :D

thankfully, we have a gas stove, so even if we lose power, i can still heat food up, just a bit differently. But if we do lose power, i was told we are going to TJ and C's grandparents house, cuz they have a generator. :D i don't mind :) i like to be warm, so i won't complain

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